Frequently asked

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Is the OneGram blockchain public?

Our blockchain is public and all our codebase is open source.

Is OneGram a fork of another coin?

OneGram is a fully customized, unique proof-of-stake coin with over 3 months of development. Inspired by Bitcoin and its successors, we built a blockchain tailored to meet the needs of OneGram’s transaction, distribution and consensus requirements.

What is the block size? What is the approximate transaction confirmation time?

The max block size is 1MB, however, the average block time is only 1 minute, so there is effectively 10x more capacity than Bitcoin.

If the ICO distributes 100% of the total issuance, then will there be mining?

100% of total coin supply is pre-mined and is distributed during the ICO. There is a block reward following the genesis block. OGC holders that indicate they wish to stake their OGC will be rewarded with the fees produced from the transactions in the present block.

How is the pre-mine distributed?

100% of the coin’s supply is sold during the ICO. All OGC is distributed upon the network going live and the creation of the genesis block.

How will new versions find consensus for adoption? How will the blockchain address soft and hard forking?

We will employ automatic checkpointing with the seed nodes to guarantee consensus.

Will the blockchain source code be open source? Will the wallet source code be open source?

All our code base will remain open source and available on our public GitHub repo at

Will the block explorer have an open API?

Yes, we will launch with two different block explorers, both with extensive APIs.

How are you addressing privacy?

We are exploring confidential transaction and various other privacy technologies at the moment. Once the technology matures, we will adopt the one that best addresses privacy without sacrificing security and other critical concerns.

What is YalaPay and how do I use it?

Yalapay will be the payment gateway for OneGram Coin (OGC) with fiat conversion including marketing tools and white label loyalty program for merchants, special deals and discounts for customers. The model will be first introduced in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The payment institution license is already in place.

How do I get a GoldGuard MasterCard?

GoldGuard MasterCard can be attached to your gold assets in GoldGuard: Liquid Gold. It’s the next step after we sell the ICO through GG. Sign up at GoldGuard, and we will update you with details and notify you when the GoldGuard MasterCard is ready.

Can I trade OGC?

Yes. Following the ICO and the issuance of OGC, cryptocurrency exchanges may choose to list OGC for trade.

What is the relationship between OneGram and Gold Guard?

The OneGram team manages the OGC protocol. GoldGuard runs the vault for physical gold. The two teams work closely together to ensure that the entire solution is seamless, well supported.

How do I buy OGC Tokens during the ICO?

During the ICO you can buy OGC at GoldGuard.