OneGram at IIHF World Championship!

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Ibrahim Mohammed Founder

“Eid Mubarak! The first transaction has been made.”
OneGram blockchain is operating from now on. OneGram holders can claim their OGCs and create accounts from June 20.

OneGram products roadmap


Dropbox is a safe platform for creating and accessing your private keys. Dropbox stores your keys with 256-bit AES encryption technology. It protects files in transit between apps and servers. Any file is split into discrete blocks, which are encrypted using an encryption algorithm - a cipher. Only modified blocks are synced. OneGram is not responsible for any lost or theft of the private keys connected with this service.

Local Storage

Local storage persistently stores encrypted private keys in your browser. This means that your private keys are available for you even after browser refresh. Private keys are encrypted and user password is still needed in order to make transactions. OneGram is not responsible for any lost or theft of the private keys connected with this service.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows users to store their private keys on its server. During the login process you can download the encrypted private key from Google Drive. It needs to be decrypted with a password. Then the Account is ready for use. OneGram is not responsible for any lost or theft of the private keys connected with this service.

OneGram Vault

OneGram Vault is a recommended service for OneGram clients who have their OGCs stored in GoldGuard. This service will be activated once you login via email or the phone on the GoldGuard web page. Two-factor authentication process is installed. Later the service will be provided for all OGC holders as a recommended service due to its up-to-date and innovative security parameters. OneGram guarantees the whole amount of these wallets.

OneGram Storage

OneGram Storage is a secure personal cloud storage service allowing users to store and synchronise their encrypted private keys to their OneGram Accounts through various devices.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a similar free of charge online/offline storage service. OneDrive is also an encrypted service using a master key to which the server administrators have access. It synchronises with all your devices. Two-step verification is strongly recommended.

OneGram Trezor

OneGram TREZOR is the safest form of cryptocurrency storage. This is a hardware kind of wallet that saves private keys and is connected to a computer as an additional source of protection. Once this service is activated, it is not possible to send cryptocurrencies from a wallet without this physical device connected.

OneGram Validator

It is an exclusive device serving as an e-wallet. It is a tiny, practical, smart, modern, attractively designed and portable device which functions as a stand-alone personal computer for storing your OGCs. It provides the high-level of security since your OGCs are stored separately from your daily computer used for internet browsing and similar activities.

OneGram VIP Club

It is a kind of exclusive 24/7 service for stakeholders with highest stakes or serves as a paid service for other clients. It provides storage and multi-signature processes connected to transactions and the storage of private keys. The OneGram team is completely responsible for this kind of accounts and the OGCs stored and managed this way.