IIHF World Championship and OGC

IIHF World Championship and OGC

First time ever!

In the world of cryptocurrencies, it is not often we have a chance to actually make use of the coins or tokens that we have. Most of them are purely speculative without any real way to use them. However OneGram Coin (OGC) is set to change all of this. Earlier last year, holders could buy real estate in Dubai at a discount through MAG services. Well, we are pleased to announce that OGC can now be used to purchase an experience of a lifetime. Tickets to the IIHF World Championship in Bratislava. www.onegramterminal.com

Being able to control your own financial future by using digital assets backed by gold and being given new ways to use them is great! Additionally with every OGC transaction - all OGC become worth more in pure gold value. So by replacing your daily spending with OGC instead of more traditional methods - it will not only give you an accomplished feeling but also build additional gold value for everyone!  

Be part of the winning team

The Gold medal match will start 20:15 on the 26th May 2019 and you can be there to seize the moment and see the best Hockey players battle it out on the ice. Don’t miss your opportunity, because demand is high - First come, first served!


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